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Turbo Charger Upgrade and Replacement Parts

What is a Turbo Charger?

A turbo charger is a device fitted to a tractor or truck’s engine to help increase the total efficiency and improve performance. Turbo charger parts are used to increase the overall power of your vehicle. Turbo chargers can also help improve the overall fuel efficiency. For example, one can improve their overall fuel efficiency by down-sizing their engine and installing a turbo charger. The main benefits of installing a turbo charger is increased performance and horsepower.

How Much Does a Turbo Charger Cost?

Hart’s Diesel & Machine offers many different options for your turbo charger needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade or are wanting to install a turbo charger for the first time, we have plenty of turbo charger options from which to choose. Our turbo chargers can range in price from $5,900 to $6,800. Depending on what you are looking for, we can help you with any questions you have regarding our turbo charger parts.

Hart's Diesel Turbo Charger Pricing

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2.75 3LM Turbo Charger - $5,900

3x3 Super Farm Turbo Charger

3x3 Super Farm Turbo Charger - $6,400

3x3 Hot Farm Turbo Charger

3x3 Hot Farm Turbo Charger - $6,200

3x4 Turbo Charger

3x4 Slotted or Slick Turbo Charger (Tractor or Truck) - $6,200

3.6 Truck Turbo Charger

3.6 Truck Turbo Charger - $7,200

4.1 Turbo Charger

4.1 Turbo Charger - $7,400

Light Pro Turbo Charger

Light Pro Turbo Charger - $8,800

2.6 Slick Turbo Charger

2.6 Slick Turbo Charger - $6,200

Air Slide / Horn

Air Slide / Horn - $1,200

What is Your Most Popular Turbo Charger?

Our most popular turbo charger at Hart’s Diesel would have to be our 3x3 Super Farm Turbo Charger or our 3x3 Hot Farm Turbo Charger. Besides the 3x3 Super Farm Turbo Charger and 3x3 Hot Farm Turbo Charger, all of our turbo chargers are excellent choices to improve performance. We have what will fit your needs! All of our turbos are of the highest quality and performance, you will not be dissatisfied with your purchase!

Benefits of Purchasing a Hart’s Diesel Turbo Charger

All of our turbo chargers are built in-house here at Hart’s Diesel. This allows us to test each of our turbo charger products through our Dyno testing. Our Dyno testing is a device we use to measure the power of our turbo chargers. Knowing that we test our products before we sell them gives you, the customer, relief when purchasing turbo chargers from Hart’s Diesel. Purchasing turbo chargers from Hart’s Diesel also provides the benefit of customization and durability through our in-house build and Dyno testing.

Not only are there product benefits, but there are also benefits of being a customer. At Hart’s Diesel it is our main priority that your needs are met as a customer. Whether you need further explanations on our turbo chargers’ specifications or need advice on your truck, we want to be the ones to answer all of your questions. Your happiness is our number one priority when you are a customer at Hart’s Diesel.

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Turbo Charger Repairs and Rebuilds

Besides offering our customers the ability to purchase our built-in-house turbo chargers, we also offer our customers the option for turbo charger repair and rebuild. Most of our customers utilize the service of turbo charger repair and rebuilds because they want to make sure their product is operating at 100% before the beginning of the pulling season. Once we receive their turbo charger, we will inspect the product, clean it, and repair any issues.

For any tractor or truck pullers, this service is a great way to cut down on expenses because we can catch the problem with your turbo charger before things get worse. The average cost to rebuild or repair a turbo charger is $450 to $500. The price is likely to vary depending on how extensive of a repair or rebuild is necessary. Like any true performance product, turbo chargers are not cheap, so we recommend turbo charger repairs and rebuilds to help reduce costs and maintain the life-span of your turbo charger.

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Needing a Repair or Rebuild?

Not quite ready for a new part? Are you instead looking to repair or rebuild your fuel injection pump, turbo charger, or injector? Let Hart’s Diesel & Machine help you with your repair or rebuild today!

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Ready for Quality Performance Parts?

If you are ready to purchase quality performance parts or repair your performance parts, contact us today!