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Fuel Injection Pumps and Replacement Parts

What is a Fuel Injection Pump?

A fuel injection pump is a device that pumps diesel fuel into the engine. The pump pressurizes and injects the fuel, forcing compressed air at a high pressure in the combustion chamber. The fuel injection pump ensures optimal calibration and fuel delivery. In return, the fuel injector pump helps to fully maximize your vehicle’s power, efficiency, and fuel consumption. Most of our customers purchase fuel injection pumps because they want to maximize their truck or tractor’s pulling power and optimize their fuel consumption.

How Much Does a Fuel Injection Pump Cost?

Hart’s Diesel & Machine offers various options for your fuel injection pump needs. Here at Hart’s Diesel we offer several different pump options to meet your fuel injection pump needs. Depending on your pulling needs, we will make sure to find the right fuel injection pump for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our fuel injection pumps.

Hart's Diesel Fuel Injection Pump and Supply Pump Pricing

13mm Offset Fuel Injection Pump

13mm Offset Fuel Injection Pump - $5,200

13mm Fuel Injection Pump (Big Cam) - $7,800

14mm Fuel Injection Pump

14mm Fuel Injection Pump - $7,200

14mm Fuel Injection Pump (Big Cam) - $9,800

16mm Fuel Injection Pump

16mm Fuel Injection Pump - $9,900

16mm Fuel Injection Pump (Big Cam) - $12,500

Pro Stock Injection Pump

Billet Injection Pump - $19,500

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Three Way Dump Valve - $300

What is Your Most Popular Fuel Injection Pump?

Our most popular fuel injection pumps include our 13mm Offset Fuel Injection Pump and our 16mm Fuel Injection Pump. Both of these pumps range in price from $5,200 to $12,500. Another great option for fuel injection pumps is our built-in-house fuel injection pump called the Billet Pump. The Billet Pump is designed and built right at Hart’s Diesel and offers our customers to have a fuel injection pump that is unlike anything else on the market.

Benefits of Purchasing a Hart’s Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

There are many benefits of purchasing a fuel injection pump at Hart’s Diesel. First, our Billet Pump is fully designed and built in-house using our CNC machine. Our CNC machine performs tasks such as drilling, grinding, milling, and more to create the Hart’s Diesel billet pump. Our 14mm Fuel Injection Pump and 16mm Fuel Injection Pump both offer our custom design through the barrel and plunger. Other benefits of purchasing fuel injection pumps at Hart’s Diesel includes increased vehicle performance, durability, and smooth operation.

Besides product benefits, there are wonderful benefits that come from being a customer at Hart’s Diesel. Our number one priority is making sure all of your needs are met. Whether you are needing help picking out a fuel injection pump, or you are wanting us to explain more about our fuel injection pump options, we want to help you in any way we can. Our customer’s happiness is always taken into consideration at Hart’s Diesel & Machine, and we want you to know that!

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Fuel Injection Pump Repairs and Rebuilds

Not only do we offer our customers the ability to purchase our fuel injection pumps, but we also offer them our fuel injection repair and rebuild service. This service is offered to help deter further costs in the future. Rebuilding injection pumps usually has an average cost of $300 here at Hart’s Diesel. Depending on how extensive the repair or rebuild is, the price can be cheaper or more expensive. Providing maintenance on your fuel injection pump can help ensure a further life-span than if not serviced. Fuel injection pumps are not cheap, so we recommend fuel injection repairs and rebuilds to help maintain the efficiency of your fuel injection pump.

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Needing a Repair or Rebuild?

Not quite ready for a new part? Are you instead looking to repair or rebuild your fuel injection pump, turbo charger, or injector? Let Hart’s Diesel & Machine help you with your repair or rebuild today!

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Ready for Quality Performance Parts?

If you are ready to purchase quality performance parts or repair your performance parts, contact us today!