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Hart's Diesel Truck and Tractor Repair Shop

About Hart’s Diesel & Machine

Randy Hart started the business in a small shop in Glasgow, MO. From there, Hart’s Diesel & Machine was founded in 1996. Randy has a passion for everything that needs to be known about tractors. He has so many stories and inspiring experiences that always keep our customers and our team on their toes. Randy thrives on the agriculture side of business and enjoys helping local farmers or farmers that live far away. He also has a passion for stock tractor pulling and helping those in the stock pulling world. When it comes to Hart’s Diesel’s customers, most of them are located across the United States, but we even have customers located in Canada, Norway, and beyond.

The Hart Boys Tractor Pulling with their Beyond Limits Tractor

The Hart Boys

Our extensive depth of experience helps us to understand all the levels of tractor and truck pulling. Randy’s sons, Brandon and Dustin Hart, took an interest in their dad’s agriculture business and decided to work alongside their father. Together they took their passions of agriculture business and tractor pulling and created a wonderful team.

When Brandon and Dustin are together there is no telling what those two will do. They truly are like tractor whisperers, which means they are definitely in the right business! During the summer time, Brandon and Dustin love to compete in tractor pulls. They have their own pulling tractor called Beyond Limits. Competing in tractor pulling helps them to truly help their customers and test all the Hart’s Diesel pulling parts before releasing. Besides tractor pulling, they also enjoy attending the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, which helps them see all the tractor parts on the market.

Our Diesel Performance Shop Team

Our team truly does strive to provide the best quality tractor pulling parts at a reasonable price. Here at Hart’s Diesel & Machine, we encourage our team to always create championship level pulling turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, and injectors. Our research and development programs allow us to thoroughly test our products before they hit the market. New turbo chargers and injector combinations are Dyno Tested to ensure maximum success.

The Best Quality About Our Team

The best aspect of our Hart’s Diesel team is that we are so family oriented. We thoroughly enjoy helping each other and our customers. Our team is knowledgeable on all concepts related to our business. Whether it be agriculture business related or tractor pulling related, our team can tackle any sort of issue. Since our team is so family oriented, we go above and beyond to get to know our customers and make sure their questions are all answered.

We Love Our Customers

We know most of our customers on a first name basis. We enjoy helping our customers whether they are repeat customers or new customers. We have received numerous phone calls from our customers expressing how thankful they were that we helped them and praising our customer service. Whether it be a farmer expressing his gratitude for helping him get his tractor started back up again, or helping a puller get their tractor that extra horse power, we always want to take care of our customers.

Tractor Repair and Rebuild Shop

Needing a Repair or Rebuild?

Not quite ready for a new part? Are you instead looking to repair or rebuild your fuel injection pump, turbo charger, or injector? Let Hart’s Diesel & Machine help you with your repair or rebuild today!

Quality performance turbo charger

Ready for Quality Performance Parts?

If you are ready to purchase quality performance parts or repair your performance parts, contact us today!

Silver Tractor Pulling Parts

Let Us Help You with Your Tractor Pulling Parts

Are you interested in purchasing a new fuel injection pump, turbo charger, or injector? Well what are you waiting for? Check out our performance pulling parts!