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We Use CNC Machining to Repair and Rebuild Truck and Tractor Performance Parts

What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machining stands for Computer Numerical Control Machining. Through a computer program the CNC Machine can customize an object to precise detail. From there, CNC Machining and the computer program work together so that the correct feed rate, coordination, speed, and location are used when making the object.

The advantages of CNC Machining are obvious to any manufacturer. Being able to use the Computer Numerical Control Machine is so much easier and more accurate than manually machining. Another advantage to using the CNC Machine is that a computer program can be used repeatedly to create the same product. This allows for constant efficiency when making pulling parts for our shop, but also allows us to easily repair and rebuild pulling parts if there is a constant issue our customers are facing.

Creating performance pulling parts through our CNC Machine allows us to produce high quality pulling parts at a reduced cost for our customers. The CNC Machine truly yields precise and reliable parts, which leads to high tractor pulling performance.

Hart’s Diesel CNC Machining

In relation to Hart’s Diesel & Machine, the CNC Machines are used specifically to build our parts for our turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, and injectors. The ability to use these in-house machines keeps everything moving at an efficient manner.

These CNC Machines are used to manufacture our own products. Our products include various turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, and injectors and most of the accessories that go with each of these. Feel free to check out our products page to learn more about our turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, and injectors made here at Hart’s Diesel.

Employee using CNC Machine for performance parts
CNC Machinist Working on Diesel Performance Parts

Our CNC Machinists

Our Computer Numerical Control Machinists help the machines perform tasks such as drilling, grinding, milling, and more. At Hart’s Diesel, our machinists intimately know and understand the specifications of each task at hand. They also know what the desired result will be by reading the blueprints or mechanical drawings. From there our machinists translate instruction into the computer program so that the CNC Machine performs the corrects functions.

Our CNC Machinists translate instructions so that the CNC Machine can make products like turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, and injectors. Not only can they make products on the CNC Machine, but we also have a grinder and a 3D Printer in-house which assist with our design and manufacturing process. Having these quality and high-tech machines, tools, and printers help us to make sure that the right product is made perfectly for your tractor or truck.

FAQs About CNC Machining

What are the advantages of CNC Machining?

The advantages of CNC Machining include rapid turnaround, custom finishes, precision, scalability, and material selection. Being able to use this machine helps us create the most precise products for your tractor pulling needs!

Do you offer custom CNC Machining services for one-off projects?

We do not actually offer CNC Machining services to our customers for custom projects. Our CNC Machine is specifically used to manufacture our Hart’s Diesel tractor pulling parts that are sold in-house. If you are needing repair on your turbo charger, fuel injection pump, or injector one of our techs would be happy to assist you!

How accurate is CNC Machining?

Our CNC Machinists are trained to accurately transcribe the instructions correctly into our CNC Machine, which means the tractor pulling part should be precisely made. The CNC Machine is stronger and faster than humans. So, using this machine rather than manually manufacturing the pulling part, eliminates any option of human error. The process is efficient, dependable, and durable. Check out our products to learn more about what we have made using our CNC Machine!

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